Dartford Schools Carnival Project

DFOL 18Building upon the success of the Dartford Saint George’s Day celebrations and the Dartford Festival of Light KECC and Cohesion Plus has been working in partnership with Temple Hill Community Primary School and Oakfield Community Primary School on a Carnival Project which will climax on July 20 with carnivals taking place in the respective schools. The theme of the Carnivals is recycling and sustainability and all their materials that the children will be using to make costumes and visual arts pieces are being made from recycled materials.

Gurvinder Sandher the CEO of Kent Equality Cohesion Council commented “I am pleased that we continue to increase the number of community events that we deliver in Dartford. This event is a welcome addition to the Saint George’s Day Celebrations, Temple Hill Community Fete and the Dartford Festival of Light and we hope in future years to open it out to more schools. Months of hard work have gone into planning these events and the feedback that the schools are receiving from pupils and parents have been really positive.”

Lucky Moyo
Lucky Moyo

The Carnivals themselves in the respective schools will involve the children performing music, song and dance along with culturally diverse artists including Lucky Moyo, Bloco Fogo Samba, Steel Ambition, Wishart and the Junk Orchestra. Arts Company Samesky will also be working in the schools in the build-up to the big day.

Garry Ratcliffe the Executive Headteacher for both Oakfield and Temple Hill Primary Schools commented “The pupils are really looking forward to next Friday. This has been an excellent way for the pupils to learn new skills and learn more about the environment, music and creative arts all at the same time.”

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